‘แสงสันติ’ SangSanti


‘แสงสันติ’ SangSanti


“All things and colours in this world are the reflection of our inner self,

Showing themselves only when we could truly combine inner and outer calling into one sound”

Anupan Pluckpankhajee


First light of dawn is the universe’s gentle calling, awakening all living things;

birds start singing from their nests,


Winds rustle through leaves and boughs, and through lush green fields.

The earth is redolent of last night’s dew and of lights of moon and stars.

5 These natural peaceful beauties are discovered in Chiang Dao, a small county of Chiang Mai,

where the charming local tradition still lingers on.


And the beauty of Doi Luang Chiang Dao which stands proudly

and remains the local’s spiritual centre since ancient days.

And being a pilgrim destination for those who seek serenity and peace.


7 Arts Inner Place is also one among the others who fall in love with the peaceful Chiang Dao.


We chose to plant and grow our project here amid this untouched nature because we believe

that nature of Chiang Dao will lift and empower our soul and spirit to disseminate

the knowledge about Anthroposophic Art and Art Therapy.

9 The art of nature which helps humans restore balance of body, soul and spirit,

with a goal of building healthy body and soul, and peace within family, to community and to country.

10 However, some people cannot see the beauty of nature around them, due to their physical or mental problems.

They are lost in the darkness and cannot find the way out by themselves.


With our 5 years of experiences and a community of friends,

we are confident we could guide them to the correct door out of which they would step out into the peaceful light.

12 The light that brings the peace of life to us,

13 with an intention of helping those in need of a spiritual enhancement but lack of financial by giving them Anthroposophic Art Therapy.

14 This led us to the birth of SangSanti Project. Sang means light. Santi means the peace of mind.

Combining two words together, SangSanti becomes the light which brings us the peace of mind.

15 The leader of project, Kru Moss, Anupan Pluckpankhajee is an Anthroposophic artist and art therapist and the director of 7 Arts Inner Place, situating in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai. He is specialised in colours in Painting Therapy, which will be applied in this project.

17 Collaborating with friends from Anthroposophic community such as Dr.Aom or Dr.Kobkan Paiboonsin, and Dr.Pong or Dr.Tipatat Junhasavasdikul from 12 Senses Family Mentors by Dr.Aom & Dr.Pong who act as Anthroposophic medicine consultants.

Also, the project is supported by MAMATA – Khun Woranun Donavanik (MaeTa) who sponsors the project with Stockmar watercolours and Aufu – Khun Kedkaew Thongcharoon who sponsors the project with cotton bags as a package of art tools. Moreover, Aufu is still be the producer of our 7 Arts Watercolour Paper.

17 SangSanti is going to start its pilot project at Baan Mitratorn, foster home under Ubolratana Foundation under the royal patronage of Her Majesty the Queen, at Chiang Dao county in Chiang Mai. We are going to work with orphans affected by HIV/AIDS, both HIV infected and non HIV infected, abused children, children under inappropriate care, and children afflicted by hardships. The project has been well received, thank you to the cooperation from teachers at Baan Mitratorn. Hence SangSanti Project is going to officially begin at Baan Mitratorn in July 2016.


You can support SangSanti Project by purchasing a set of 7 Arts Watercolour Paper with 4 reprinted artworks, ‘Butterflies are free (2011) by Anupan Pluckpankhajee, an Anthroposophic artist and art therapist. Limited to 200 sets (1,500 baht/ set, Free EMS shipping).

SCB – Siam Commercial Bank (Chiang Dao Branch)/Saving Account/
Account Name: Anupan Pluckpankhajee/ Account No. 403-277056-0
19 SangSanti, the light, which brings us the peace of mind.
A portion of your purchase will be donated to SangSanti project.
Please help us grow this project and shine light into the heart of humanity.
20 SangSanti by 7 Arts Inner Place
More Information: Please call 093-235-6679/ Line ID: 7artsinnerplace
www.arttherapythai.com and www.facebook.com/7artsinnerplace
Text: Rungvisa Rungtanapat
Photos: Prachyaporn Chaisawas, Anupan Pluck Pankhajee, Krittaphol Witwongwai, Torsak Jaichuen

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